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League Rules

Rules will apply to the summer league and the winter league.


League Construction

.The league will be known as the Darenth Valley Dart League.
  • The league is made up of teams from Dartford and the surrounding areas. All new teams must be voted in at the AGM by the league secretaries on a 1 vote per team basis.
  • The league will consist of 4 committee members.
  • An AGM will be held at the start of each season. All existing teams are asked to attend. Any team that does not attend or pay their fees by the day, will be excluded from the coming season.
  • All teams will be charged an entrance fee. The amount to be decided at the AGM. This amount will be Payable at the AGM.
  • The league is a non profit making league and all monies raised will be used towards trophies.
  • A statement of accounts is available from the treasurer on request.
  • All teams are required to provide the league with a contact phone number & email address.


League Structure

  • All games will be played on a Wednesday night.
  • All pubs/clubs are required to supply a good quality dart board with good lighting.
  • All teams will throw from 7ft 9 1/4 on a raised oche. If for any reason a raised oche is not possible, then a defined line must be used. :etc: no chalk lines or sticky tape. A visable static line
  • The use of electronic scoreboards are not permitted.
  • Teams will consist of 6 players; there is no limit to the amount of players a team can use as reserves.
  • The divisions will operate on a one up one down promotion relegation basis. The top team are promoted and the bottom team relegated and other teams may be relegated or promoted at the League Committee's discretion according to final standings. If a team drops out, or we have extra teams enter the league, then the promotion relegation will be adjusted for that division or to balance out the divisions accordingly at the committee’s discretion.
  • No new teams can enter at division one level. All new teams are required to enter the bottom division, but at the committees discretion a new team may be entered highter if we feel they are to strong for the bottom.
  • If a team withdraws from the league during the season, then all points accumulated by the remaining teams will be wiped off. If the team drops out after the halfway stage then the points to the halfway point will stay.
  • Any team that withdraws from the league during the season will not be entitled to a refund or part refund. If they want to re-join then they will be treated as a new team. They will also have to drop out from all competitions.
  • All teams are required to sign their players on using the registration form at the start of the season.Teams not forwarding their registration form, will still be able to play in the league, but will not be eligable for any competitions including the 180 KO.
  • The date for final registration of players will be the half way stage of the season.
  • Any team playing an unregistered player or a player that has already played for another team during that season will be deducted 4 points for each game they played in, and the other side receiving 4 points.
  • Any team wishing to register players after the deadline must get permission from the league first. This will be given in some circumstances like teams that are struggling to raise a team.
  • In the event of two teams finishing on the same points at the end of the season, then it will be decided by a count back in this order. Games won, and then the points will be added up on the head to heads. If still level then the team games won. If the teams are still level then a play off will be arranged.
  • If teams are level in the team game competition, then the count back will be head to heads first. Then league finishing position.
  • Teams will play each other twice on a home & away basis.
  • All players wishing to play in the league competitions at the end of the season, must be registered with a team and played for them, hence the registration forms above.


League Fixtures

  • All games will commence at 20.30.
  • If a team arrives late then the game must commence by 20.45. After this time the non offending team have the right to claim the game 8-0
  • Any player arriving after the game has started can still play as long as the captain has listed the player (s) as reserves.
  • Matches will be played best of 12 legs consisting of 1 team game of 1001, 2 triples of 701, 3 pairs of 601, 6 singles of 501.
    The team game will also count in a seperate competition as well as being added onto the main game.
  • Games will be played for 1 point per game.
  • All games will be played as 1 leg games, with the exception of the 1st division that will play the singles as best of 3 legs.
  • Order of throwing first, will be decided by throwing 1 dart nearest to the bull with the home side throwing first to decide. (The player throwing first in the 1st division singles will throw first in the 3rd leg as well if required).
  • The home team will supply the chalkers.
  • Results must be posted on the offical Facebook page. .If the result is not received within 3 days then a 6-6 draw will be applied, with no team game awarded. It is the home team’s responsibility to phone it through in the case of a draw.
  • Any team found submitting a false result will be deducted 8 points. If a highest finish or a 180 is falsely submitted, that player will be eliminated from that event for the remaider of the season. In the case of the 180's they will not be entered regardless of them hitting one.
  • A trophy will be awarded to each player that has the highest finish in each division, This will apply for league games only. A trophy will also be awarded for the player who hits the most 180's.
  • In times of severe weather conditions or exceptional circumstances then short notice cancellations will be permitted. The committee will decide on this, in case of a dispute.
  • There will be no rearranged games. If a game is cancelled, the team that cancelled will be docked 4 points (2 points if 24 hours or more notice has been given). The other team will be awarded 8 points or their average winning score, whichever is higher. If there is a dispute about this, then the league committee will decide with their decision being final.
  • Players can only play for 1 team in a league season.
  • The captains may alter the order of names before each section has started etc triples pairs and singles. These cannot be altered after each one has been started. The pairs and singles will be drawn out for order of play by each captain. A request for a player to play first will be allowed only by discretion of the opposing teams captain.
  • The minimum amount of players required for a match is 4. Games will be forfeited in the games where they are short. These are the following guidelines. If a team has 5 then they must forfeit 1 single. (1 player can play against a pair if they wish too, but they will have to miss every other throw. Same applies in the triples and team game. If they have only 4 players, then they must forfeit 1 triple, 1 pair & 2 singles.
  • If a team does have only 5 in the singles, then the other side can nominate who is dropped from the their team.


League Competitions

  • Competitions will take place during each of the summer & winter leagues.
  • All competitions will be played on a single night at a single venue.
  • Losing players must chalk the next game on the board that they have just played on unless there is a board change or agreed by the Committee. If a player(s) leaves a venue after losing without marking and it is drawn to the leagues attention then the captain of that team will be informed that the player(s) concerned will be banned from that same competition the following year.
  • Scores of 180 in League Competitions will not be entered into the League 180 KO Competition or included for the most 180s.


Triples knock out

  • The triples knock out is open for 3 players all registered with the same team.
  • A triples knock out will be played at the end of the summer & winter league. It will be played at selected venues & the winners will go through to final’s night.
  • This will be played best of 3, 701 with the team winning for the bull throwing first in legs 1 & 3.


Pairs knock out

  • The pairs knock out is open for 2 players both registered with the same team.
  • A pairs knockout will be held at the end of the summer & winter league. It will be played at selected venues & the winners will go through to final’s night.
  • This will be played best of 3, 601 with the team winning for the bull throwing first in legs 1 & 3.


Singles knock out

  • The singles knock out is open to all registered players.
  • The singles knock out will be held at the end of the summer & winter league. It will be played at selected venues & the winner going through to final’s night.
  • This will be played best of 3, 501 with the player winning for the bull throwing first in legs 1 & 3.


180 Knock outs, winter & summer.

  • The Dean Warren memorial trophy is a singles competition to be played at the end of the winter league, & the summer league competition will be known as the Robbie Malcolm memorial 180 knock out. It is by invitation only. Players that hit a 180 must make sure that it is registered on the night. These players will be automatically entered into this tournament.
  • It will be played down to a winner on the night. It will be played best of 3, 501 with the player winning for the bull throwing in legs 1 & 3. The final will be best of 5..

Guidance note for the provision of food on match nights.

The league has no rules concerning the provision of food on match nights as this is a traditional courtesy. In the event of short notice cancellation food may have already been prepared which has to be paid for. Teams guilty of short notice cancellation may be asked for some reimbursement towards the cost of the food. This is a matter between the teams and the league will not intervene in such disputes. Hopefully if such a situation does occur, the right thing will be done and common sense will win the day.